Win Compilation - October 2016
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Your dose of awesomeness has arrived!  47 amazing video clips in just 8 1/2 minutes.

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Win compilation was created by the German blogs (DontBeBored) &    Their motto: 'Monthly epicness for enjoyment.'  
Featuring:  01. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight, Cat. / 02. 100 Plus Excavators Dismantle Overpass Bridge In East China / 03. Her Husband Forgot To Bring Lunch. / 04. Ado Den Haag Fans Geven Zieke Kinderen Een Knuffelregen In De Kuip / 05. When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend.. / 06. This Dad Is Ecstatic About His New Light-Up Sneakers (Storyful, Feel Good) / 07. Guy Moonwalks Across Europe / 08. Gopro Awards: Chicken Sonata / 09. Space Invaders With Drones / 10. Laguna Pool Drop 2 / 11. Snail Slides Over Dog’s Nose / 12. My Car Plays Light Jazz (And I Play Along) / 13. Fastest Skateboarder Ever! 89.41 Mph/143.89 Km/h – Kyle Wester / 14. Blind Chicken Mumble Gets Eyes! / 15. Gopro Awards: Slackline The Moai Tower / 16. Königliche Wachablösung Im Tütü / 17. The Amazing Triple Spiral (15,000 Dominoes) / 18. World’s Most Chilled Koala / 19. 5 Awesome Tricks With Lighters / 20. [Hoonigan] Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground / 21. Amazing Jump Rope Skills / 22. Beer Save / 23. Best Bottle Flip In The World / 24. Breaking The Mold With Her Little Skateboard!! / 25. Cat Loves Electric Toothbrush / 26. Chicken Edm / 27. Class Goes Wild After Student Wins Them An A-Grade By Sinking Impressive Long Shot / 28. Deer Goes For A Morning Skip Across A Beach / 29. Driver Stops To Let A Cat Cross The Road Using Zebra Crossing / 30. Dronesurfing / 31. Extreme Slam Dunk Show On Speeding Train | Dunking Devils / 32. Flaschenwurf Von Marco Verratti. / 33. Flexible Guy Bends Over / 34. Friday Fun At The Office: Climball Battle! / 35. Funny Reacts To Motorbike Race / 36. Funny Roomba Cat!!! Rides Roomba Hoover Like A Boss! / 37. Guy Riding An Ostrich Through Traffic / 38. Guy Solves Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded In Record Time / 39. Metallophon 22 / 40. How To Retrieve A Balloon From High Ceilings / 41. King Titus Vape: Artist Residency / 42. Lions Cubs Vs Little Dog / 43. Liquid Militia | T-Rex Steals Jet Ski And Does Insane Tricks With Mark Gomez / 44. Longboard Hand Stand / 45. Man Carry A Fridge On His Shoulder While Riding A Bike / 46. Watch: Zach Mcallister Kick Save + Spinning Catch / 47. The Floppotron: The Final Countdown
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