Why The Future Of Cars Is Electric
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Why electric cars are now ready to take over, thanks to new battery technology, better torque, handling, maintenance and range.

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An electric car has no transmission, no exhaust. It has no spark plugs, starter motor, fan belts, oil filter, timing belts, or cylinder heads.  It never needs oil changes, tuneups, or emissions checks.  Your brake pads go years without needing replacement, too, since just lifting your foot from the accelerator slows the car down (by recharging the batteries).”  
Veritasium says: "I think electric cars are the future, not mainly because they're better for the environment (which they are if you drive the car for any reasonable length of time) but because they are just better cars. They have better torque and acceleration, better handling, they're more efficient, quieter, they don't smell, they're cheaper to run and best of all you never have to visit a gas station - this appeals to me. I never have to worry about being low on gas because every morning my car is charged and ready to go. And if you're worried about range, don't. Almost all trips can already be done in an electric car with modest battery pack. And fast chargers along the way make it possible to do longer road trips if necessary. You have to make rest stops anyway, just time them with the charging."

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