Volkswagen Created A Better Office Chair
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See how Volkswagen engineers in Norway created the perfect office chair.

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See how Volkswagen engineers in Norway created the perfect office chair. For over 17 years, we have created Norway's most popular commercial vehicles. Now we have finally created something for all of you who are stuck in office jobs. Our brand new office chair is packed with much of what makes Volkswagen vehicles so well-liked by our customers. The chair is designed to give those who work in an office a sense of what it is like to have a van from Volkswagen Utility Vehicles as a workplace - both outside and inside. You can drive, honk and listen to music. Yes, even flash when turning into the meeting room.

With a range of up to 12 km , you can whiz back and forth to the coffee machine and meetings throughout the day. And with a top speed of 20 km/h, you are guaranteed to be first in the canteen queue. The office can be a risky place, with bosses and colleagues constantly sneaking up on you. With office assistants such as reversing cameras and 360° sensors, you have a full overview of all threats and disturbances. The chair has a handy storage space in the back of a whopping 0.005 m3 . You have space for both a laptop, annual reports and other office-relevant documents. LED strips characterize the entire exterior of the chair, giving it the recognizable Volkswagen look. With the main lights, you can light up even the darkest overtime evening. And should a work party suddenly break out, it is easy to become the center of attention with mood-creating party lights.

Specifications: Electric motor (12 km range) - Comfortable seat with embroidered Volkswagen logo - Seat heater and touch display - Beautiful exterior in metallic paint - Rear view camera and 360 degree sensor - Loudspeakers and entertainment system with songs that give you the feeling of going on a trip - Two-wheel drive (fortunately, we offer vans with four-wheel drive) - 4'' rims in solid aluminum and pedals with steering - LED lights, flashing lights and work party lights - Horn and USB charger - Removable, rechargeable battery - Storage space of 0.005 m3 and trailer hitch.
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