Unleashing The Magic Of Homopolar Motors
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Watch these incredible creations come to life - made with just magnets, coils, batteries, and foil!

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This is a video collection on homopolar motors (simplest magnet car, simplest train etc).  The ingredients are always the same, neodymium magnets, copper coils, AA batteries and aluminum foil.  With these few things you can do many of amazing homopolar motor variants.  Surprise and wonder are guaranteed to see them in operation ... have something magical :-)    How does a Homopolar Motor work?  A homopolar motor is a simple type of electric motor that operates on the principle of the Lorentz force, which is the force on a charged particle in a magnetic field.  It was first demonstrated by Michael Faraday in 1821.  The homopolar motor consists of a conductor (usually a metal disc) that rotates in a magnetic field produced by a stationary magnet.  The conductor is connected to a power source (usually a battery) through a sliding contact, such as a brush or a rolling contact.  When the current flows through the conductor, a magnetic field is generated around it, which interacts with the magnetic field of the stationary magnet.    The Lorentz force causes a perpendicular force to act on the current-carrying conductor, which causes it to rotate around a central axis.  The direction of the rotation depends on the direction of the current and the polarity of the magnetic field.  The sliding contact allows the current to flow through the conductor as it rotates, so the motor can continue to spin.    The homopolar motor is a very simple and inefficient motor, but it is useful for demonstrating the principle of the Lorentz force and for some specialized applications, such as in high-speed electric generators and some types of particle accelerators.
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