UNICEF World Version of John Lennon's 'Imagine'
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The World version of John Lennon's iconic song 'Imagine' - featuring Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger,, David Guetta and many more...

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List of stars: Regina Wilson, NY Firefighter / Angelique Kidjo, Singer / Nicole Scherzinger, Singer / Cody Simpson, Singer / Sigrid Agren, Model / Danny O'Donoghue, Singer / Roarke, Singer / Idris Elba, Actor / Kate Naut, Jenny Bapst, Francois Alexander, Samantha Rex, Singers / Lance Bass, Singer / Dash Mihok, Film/TV actor / Priyanka Chopra, Actress,Singer / Suki Waterhouse, Model / Craig David, Singer / Zelda Williams, Actress / Joan Sebastian, Singer/Songwriter / Adam Lambert, Singer / Nasri, Singer / Maria Gabriela de Faria, Actress/Singer / Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General / Professional Performing Arts School Choir Members, School Choir / Family School Students, International Students / David Guetta, Music Producer / Courteney Cox & Coco Arquette, Actress & daughter / Doni & Akai Floyd, Mother & Daughter / Mari Malek, DJ Stiletto/Model/Activist / David Arquette, Actor / Isaiah Mustafa, Actor / Scott Foley, Actor / Sam Martin, Singer / Bianca Yuzon, Singer / Justin Bartha and baby Asa, Film/TV actor & daughter / Eric Christian Olsen, Actor / Antonella Barba, Singer / Rumer Willis, Actress / Katy Perry, Singer / Seth Green, Actor / Rebecca Da Costa, Actress / Butch Vig, Music Producer / Antonique Smith, Actress / / Taye Diggs, Actor / Patricia Arquette & Harlow Jane, Actress & daughter / Ben Barnes, Actor / Rob Kazinsky, Actor / Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz, Singer / Dianna Agron, Actress/Singer / Tony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF / Ore & Neave Segal, Sons of Edo & Ayelet Segal / Yuna Kim, Figure Skater / Eden Espinosa, Broadway Actress/Singer / Sunidhi Chauhan, Singer / Nina Dobrev, Actress / Julian Morris, Actor / Poe, Singer (US) / Sanaa Lathan, Actress / Amy Brenneman, Actress / Trevor Jackson, Singer & Actor.
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