"The Green Ruby Pumpkin" - Halloween Short Film
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Fantastical creatures from classic fairy tales come to live in this magical piece that will get you in the mood for Halloween.

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A personal passion low-budget projected created by two visual effects artists in their spare time. 
Shot in their living room using green screen by Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma.

Once, long ago on the night before November, | Befell a misdeed to always remember. | At the center town was a mansion so grand, | Where magic and treats dwelled on the land. | Child after child they knock on the door | The red hooded miss, the wolf from the lore. | They come from afar to call on Miss Deats, | Or rather, the green ruby pumpkin that's brimming with sweets. | Another visitor, who might that be? | From the Yellow Brick Road comes a party of three. | A damsel, a scarecrow of ember and vines, | A two ton contraption that's dressed to the nines. | Elaborate disguises arrive through the night | To bask altogether in the pumpkin's green light. | There is just one rule which all must comply: | No candy is given to those that don't try. | Even the sisters that come from afar | Felt they needed to bring the bizarre. | The children were off, so ends the night. | The streets were now empty, not one soul in sight. | The silence creeps and dims the laughter. | The evening concludes, happily hereafter. | Too late for knocking, now that's just unwise! | Three children, no costume, not one in disguise? | No costume, no candy, you all know the rules! | Now go away children. Miss Deats is no fool! | Little did she know, the trolls were quite dressed | In guises of humans, who would have guessed? | Sadly the pumpkin would never be seen | After this night on Halloween. |
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