The Archimedes Screw Re-invented
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This feels like it shouldn't work - a remarkable story about an outstandingly original piece of intuition.

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Olds Engineering, a traditional workshop and foundry, sits in Maryborough, Australia. It's not the sort of place you'd expect to find a new industrial invention in the 21st century: and yet the Olds Elevator, patented by Peter Olds, is just that.    Viewer comments:  I do hope the people "confused" by this, simply had not been shown the inlet yet. Once you see those scoops, you immediately recognise how it works. The scoops dig material from outside the pipe's footprint, and force it into the footprint. The material already inside the pipe footprint cannot escape downwards, so it's forced up the pipe.   It’s incredible that for centuries after Archimedes created his screw, no one thought of the reverse until this guy.   Another nice thing about this is that the support bearing is external, away from the material being lifted.  Also, the drive motor can be anywhere along it's length instead of just top or bottom.   Another advantage of turning the outer tube VS turning an inner screw,is you don't need the fixed screw to be the full length of the tube,once material has travelled up a couple of metres of "screw", it keeps pushing up ,by the new material been fed in through the base.
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