Swing Into Nostalgia: LA Shag Extravaganza - 20th Anniversary - Team Performance
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Join us for a thrilling time-travel through dance history at the LA Shag Festival. Join the fun and feel the energetic rhythm of this iconic dance style.

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Step back in time and into the vibrant world of LA Shag at the 20th-anniversary celebration of the LA Shag Festival.  Transport yourself to the swinging 1930s and 1940s, where dancers groove to the beats of the past in this mesmerizing team performance.  Originating from the sun-soaked streets of California, the Los Angeles Style Shag revives the classic swing dancing of yesteryears, infusing it with modern spirit and verve.  Experience the smooth and fluid movements that characterize LA Shag, as dancers effortlessly transition between closed and open positions.  The dance floor comes alive with the enchanting synergy of movement and music, a joyful nod to the roots of this dance style.  As the upbeat swing music sets the tempo, the dancers execute the signature triple step followed by two quick steps, adding their unique flair with every spin and twirl.  Set to the lively "Whirlwind Stomp" by Corey Gemme and his Rolling Figs Orchestra, the performance encapsulates the essence of LA Shag's resurgence in popularity.  A dance that transcends age and skill levels, LA Shag welcomes everyone to its vibrant world of movement, rhythm, and connection.  Don't miss out on this nostalgic extravaganza that honors the past, celebrates the present, and keeps the spirit of swing alive.
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