Superconductivity And Quantum Levitation Explained
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How can a super-thin, three-inch disk levitate something 70,000 times its own weight?

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In a riveting, futuristic demonstration, Boaz Almog shows how a phenomenon known as quantum locking allows a superconductor disk to float over a magnetic rail - completely frictionlessly and with zero energy loss. Boaz Almog uses quantum physics to levitate and trap objects in midair. Call it "quantum levitation."
Definitions: Superconductivity: a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.
Quantum locking: a process by which a superconductor is "locked" in place within a magnetic field. This allows for a superconducting material suspended in a magnetic field to become fixed so that it will not re-orient itself without outside assistance.
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