Stunning New Images of the Universe - James Webb Space Telescope
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As NASA’s Webb telescope scoures the universe to find light from the first stars and galaxies, it is capturing the universe like never before.

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In this awe-inspiring video, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope takes us on a journey into the vast expanse of the universe, revealing breathtaking images of galaxies, stars, and planets that were previously hidden from our view.  With its advanced deep extragalactic survey capabilities, Webb has captured stunning visuals, igniting our curiosity and yearning to understand the mysteries of the cosmos.  Join Scott Pelley as he provides an inside look at Webb's latest discoveries, showcasing the unprecedented insights and wonders that this groundbreaking telescope has unveiled.  From the first stars and galaxies to billions upon billions of distant celestial bodies, Webb's cutting-edge technology is pushing the boundaries of human exploration and unlocking the secrets of the universe.  Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty and awe-inspiring magnitude of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.  This is the stuff of dreams, fueling our curiosity and inspiring us to venture beyond the stars.    Viewer comment:  It makes me yearn to know what's out there, to see what the universe is hiding.  This is literally the stuff of dreams.  There's so much out there to explore and discover.
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