Static Flow Of Water
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Creating the illusion of a static flow of water with sound waves in a simple experiment, using a thin water hose taped to a loudspeaker.

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No strobe light is required - the frame rate and shutter of the video camera is creating the same effect. Physics explanation: "The speaker had to be tuned to match the frequency of the shutter. By influencing the stream -while it was still laminar - with the regular periodic force of the speaker he caused the water to deform and break up at the same frequency as the camera shutter. Thus each frame the camera shot caught the flow in the same part of a repeating pattern. So it's quite similar to the effect observed when a spinning wheel appears to be at rest, only here it took a rather clever input to force the water to flow in a repeating pattern. A better analogy than a spinning wheel would be to imagine capturing an oscillating garden sprinkler in the same state with each frame. Only here the oscillating of the sprinkler is driven by the speaker rather than a gear, and the regularity extends to droplet scale due to the low Reynolds number of the flow. The reason it was important to do this while the stream was still laminar is that a turbulent flow is highly chaotic in nature. If it were turbulent before exiting the tube, random microscopic differences in the fluid flow would grow to macroscopic levels and cause noticeable differences in the pattern, breaking the periodic behavior of the flow and destroying the illusion. The regularity of the laminar flow is necessary to obtain the predictable outcome." Source: PhD candidate in fluid dynamics
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