Santa Claus And His Rocket Sleigh
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Rocketman Santa takes off in his rocket sleigh.

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Robert Maddox, also known as the Rocketman, builds the largest pulsejet engines in the world with up to 1000 pounds of thrust.     A pulsejet engine works by alternately accelerating a contained mass of air rearward and then breathing in a fresh mass of air to replace it.  The energy to accelerate the air mass is provided by the deflagration (combustion) of fuel mixed thoroughly into the newly acquired fresh air mass.     Viewer comments:  "That was awesome. The sleigh, the smile, the sky, the sheer joy."   "I don’t say this often, but I could 100% believe that this guy is actually retired Santa."   "I don't know what impresses me more, the fact he can build three of these, get them running, and record a video of them in 1 month, or the fact he's been doing this for over 10 years at this point.  Honestly, this guy has advanced to levels where rocket science is just a hobby and it's amazing."
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