People Are Awesome - Summer 2016 Edition
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Summer is here at last!  A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things and making the most of the season.

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Featuring: 0:00  The Human Surfboard / 0:06  Yoga Ball Tricks at the Beach / 0:14  Slip n Slide n Dive / 0:22  Teeterboard Diving / 0:30  Tricking at the Beach / 0:36  Jump Rope at the Beach / 0:46  Creative Beach Workout / 0:53  Summer Squat Goals / 1:00  Freestyle Trio / 1:09  High Diving into Pool / 1:16  Trampoline Diving at the Lake / 1:25  Handstand on Pool Chair / 1:40  Backflip from Chair To Pool / 1:46  Underwater Scuba Golfing / 1:57  Ninja Warrior Training on Beach Bars / 2:05  Beach Handstands / 2:09  Poolside Gainer / 2:13  Wakeboarder Double Flips / 2:16  Cliff Diving Backflips / 2:19  Huge Dive to Pool / 2:21  Summer Workout Goals / 2:25  Double Frontflip to the Beach / 2:29  Acrobalance & Backflips / 2:37  Fancy Footwork in the Sun / 2:45  Lazy Style Backflip / 2:52  Underwater Tumbling / 3:01  Handstand Diving / 3:05  Yoga Ball Tricks at the Beach / 3:21  Pool Dunks! / 3:27  Skydiving from a Glider / 3:32  Acroyoga at the Beach / 3:41  Base Jumping onto the Beach / 3:44  Handstanding out the Pool     Music: "The Sound" by The 1975.
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