People Are Awesome: Skydiving Edition
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A compilation featuring incredible footage of skydivers, base jumpers, paragliders, wingsuit flyers and formation jumping.

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Music: “Rise Up 2k16” by Yves Larock.   Original Videos:  0.00 - Basejumping In Norway: Throwing Blake Off A Cliff 0.09 - Hot Air Balloon Gymnastics Base Jump 0.17 - Sorrisos De Alma 0.23 - Tallinn Base Boogie 2015 0.25 - First Base Jumping Gainer 0.27 - Guy Base Jumps From Cliff Into Canyon 0.31 - The French Slide Viaduc De Millau 0.46 - Speedriding: One Flight A Week #8 Val D'isére Banane, Syd 0.52 - Skydiver Hops Out Of Hot Air Balloon 1.04 - Riding A Spaceship Back To Planet Earth 1.16 - Crazy Wing Suit Stunt 1.20 - Base Jumpers Flip Off TV Tower 1.26 - Man In Wingsuit Soars Through Sky 1.40 - Epic Base Jumping Fail 1.42 - Tallinn Base Boogie 2015 1.45 - Building Swoop 1.53 - Above The Gravity Extreme Aerobatic Flights Combo 2.00 - Best Catch Ever Rage The Base Monkey 2.26 - Skydive Track + Vr 2.33 - Trust Your Buddy #1 2.41 - Urban Flight Wingsuit Flying Downtown 3.04 - Fly Away 3.08 - Base Jumpers Take On Vegas 3.15 - Wingsuit Fly.B.A.S.E. 2014 3.18 - Balloon Jump With Dan 7 3.21 - Swing Mirage 5.5m Beach Swoop Hawaii.
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