People Are Awesome - November 2013
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Awesome people doing the most breathtaking and amazing things.

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Take a break from a mundane day to feel the exhilaration of their adventure right along with them.   Credits:  Combing Valparaiso's Hills / Red Bull Rampage / Man Lump Lambo Top Gear Sydney 2013 / A The Perfect Flight / Flyboard - Coolest Water Jet Pack Ever!  / Eric's Ski Quest - Ultimate Rush - Ep 4 / Masters of Indo / Incredible Bike Stunts  / Barefoot Waterski Breakdancing / 24 Most Hardcore Strength + Flex Moves / Tricking battles and extreme Taekwondo / Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry / Saiyans / Most Incredible Basejump Site - Navagio Beach (Greece)  / Monster Energy Family Grows with Brett Turcotte & Dan Treadway / The Steepest Race in Europe - Red Bull 400 Planica 2013 / Wakeskating the Eighth Wonder of the World w- Brian Grubb / World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump / Jaan - Epic Slackline Sessions / Stunt Motorcyclist in Downtown Chicago / Stunt Driving Edition - Dude Perfect / Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150 / Nitro Circus Live / McConkey Movie / Nazaré Blow Up 2013 / Skydiving into the Beetle Cabriolet ASAP / Slow Motion 'Shaolin Backflip' - Levi Sherwood / Jump Rope Girl - World's Best Jump Roper! / Xpogo New York City / Monster Energy's Mallorca Freestyle / Half-Mile Supercross Rhythm Section / Nitro Circus Live - Stadion Narodowy, Warsaw / Freestyle football juggling in Japan / Ozell Williams / Bob Burnquist's 'Dreamland' - A Backyard Progression / 3Run People Are Awesome 2013 / Nitro Circus Live - Scooter World First - Ryan Williams 'The Silly Willy' / Alfa MiTo SBK - The Undertaker  / POV Crane Climb in Southampton, UK with James Kingston.   Music: "Another Day" by DJ Kestutis.
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