People Are Awesome - Guinness World Records Edition
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Watch these 42 awesome Guiness World Records compiled into a video of less than three minutes.

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Featuring:  Greatest Height Achieved Launched from an Airbag (Blobbing) / Highest Shallow Dive / Most Walnuts Cracked with the Head in One Minute / Most Panes of Glass Run Through in a Minute / World's Fastest Back Bend Walk / The Fastest 110m Hurdles on a Skateboard Using Hippy Jumps / Most One Finger Push Ups in 30 Seconds / Most Consecutive Pinky Pull-Ups / Most Bench Presses Underwater / Fastest 10 Meter Spider Walk / Most Concrete Blocks Broken in One Minute / Most Consecutive Handsprings / Fastest 100m on All Fours / Most Ice Blocks Broken With Single Karate Move / Furthest Washing Machine Throw / Most Drink Cans Crushed by Hand in a Minute / Highest Standing Jump / Fastest Hurdles in Flippers / One Handed Ladder Climb / The Fastest Time to Climb a Vertical Corridor With Feet / Most Kicks to the Head In One Minute / Most Cartwheels in a Minute (Without Hands) / Most Spins on a Unicycle In One Minute / Most Rope Skips While Keeping a Football in the Air in One Minute / The Most 360 Degree Somersaults in the Air Between Two Kiiking Swings / Longest Jump Between 2 Swiss Balls / Fitting Through A Tennis Racquet / Farthest Backflip off a Wall / The Most Consecutive Stairs Climbed on the Head / Most Baseball Bats broken with the Back in One Minute / Most Football Headers / Most Dance Spins in a Minute by a Couple / Man Hit with Bowling Ball / Highest Waterfall Dive / Fastest Underpant Jumper / Longest Basketball Hook Shot / Fastest 10 Metres in the Box Split Position / Most Thomas Flairs on a Pommel Horse in One Minute / Highest Jump Into Marshmallows / Sitting Skipping / Most Body Skips In One Minute / Highest Ramp Jump To Wheelchair /  Music: "We Can Do What We Want" by Drenge.
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