People Are Awesome - Fitness Edition
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Amazing feats of strength and fitness including weight lifting, calisthenics, bodyweight fitness, handstands, squats, push ups and more.

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Videos: Don't think feel. / Cinzia Weighted Pancake / Partner Push Ups / Deadlift in heels epic fail / Happy Motivational Monday / Guy In Wheelchair Pulls A SUV / Krystal Cantu Weight lifting / Rope Hoist - Epic Strength / Human Flag / Locust Pose / CrossFit Baby does perfect snatch / Dmitry Fedotov & Dmitry Moiseev / Francesco Antonucci / Andrea Larosa. Planche and Handstand training. / Three Zanettis from rest position Markku Vahtila / Middle Split Jump Squats / RUSH HOUR 4 TAG YOUR WORKOUT PARTNER / Human flag pull ups with straight legs / 505 lb ( 230 kg ) Deadlift and Backflip / Extreme Push Ups Mix Giorgos Votsis / A little burpee and back squat WOD / 300 lb (136 kilo) Indian style / Dad Doing Pull Ups With His Son Hanging On / Handstand Pushups with wheelchair / Here is combination of different pole tricks / Last summer in Vegas vacation workout ! / jujimufu going crazy with the 100lbs chair split! / straight_arm_sosa and moderntarzan at muscle beach / Twin Baby Pullups / Fitcouple shoulder press Finnish Gymnast Markku Vahtila & his wife / How to Eat doing Handstand Push Ups ! / Joshua Kellum - Cannon Ball / Yelling Screaming Female squating raw Lucila McHahon / The real benchpress - El Eggs / Supermarket shopping gymnast style 2 - Markku Vahtila / Another partner strength exercise / Workout by Artyom "Back up" from Russia / Baby of 15 months, the future of CrossFit. / Handstand Claps Push Ups / World record for push-ups with claps, hands back a minute 41 times / Fitness exercise with your dog / Goodnight Push Ups / 315 lbs for reps on bedpress / Music: The Appeal & The Mindsweep (Metrik remix) by Enter Shikari.
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