People Are Awesome - Best Of The Month - October 2015
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Amazing people doing extraordinary things - the best of October 2015.  Note: These are experienced professionals - do not try this at home without proper training!

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Featuring:  More Chairsplits / The Coke Opening Ping Pong Trick Shot / Dominik Sky - Handstand Gainer /  Patrick Laughlin Bike Transfer /  Slackline Double Front Flip - Butt To Feet /  Triple Kong Vault Outside /  Front Flip Of Flat /  Softball Player Hits Crazy Home Run /  Spectacular Frisbee Trick Shots /  High Five /  Camper Trick Shot Winner /  Erfolg Kommt Dann, Wenn Du Tust, Was Du Liebst / The Hair Dryer Shot - Golftrickshots /  Can't Believe This Worked First Try! /  Tbt. I Am Horrible At Basketball, Unless I'm Throwing Myself / Blind Precision Jump /  Tramp Wall Triking 2013 /  Cheer World Championships 2011 - Japan All Girl /  Overshooting A Massive Kong? Just Hand Spring Haha - Parkour Ukemi /  36 Boxes Is 75 Inches /  Francesco Antonucci /  Shot Of The Day /  51 Yards /  Lake Sebu's Seven Falls And Zipline /  These Backflip Videos Are Getting Out Of Hand /  Highest Flying Push-Up /  Tramp Wall Triking 2013 /  Jeremiah Belledin Bossin /  Found This Wave In My Laptop /  Backflip From Swing Onto Bike /  Josh Young - Yoga Ball (Hd) /  Wheelie Around Budapest /  Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos First Ever Darkslide Flip Surfing & Kickflip /  Most Amazing Video Dive ..Guy Jumps Over 6ft Into 12 Ft Deep Water /  Another Partner Strength Exercise /  The Flying Man Slip N Slide - France /  Man Jumps Over Speeding Car & Front Flips: Does He Fall? /  Snatchcannon Worlds First Cork-In Back-Out Tim Farley.     Music: "Ay Ay" by Otherkin.
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