People Are Awesome - Best Of January 2016
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A roundup of the awesomest videos that hit the Internet in January 2016, showing ordinary people doing amazing things.

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Featuring:  0.00 Guy Slides Across Line Of Exercise Balls / 0.03 Man Jumps Over Speeding Car / 0.08 Surfer Does Headstand On Board / 0.10 Man Spins On Giant Cyr Wheel / 0.16 Duo Flip Simultaneously / 0.23 Hula Hooper Spins Around / 0.30 Gainers At Lake Havasu / 0.32 Skateboard To Skateboard Jump Trick / 0.34 Zip Line Slip N Slide / 0.36 13 Month Old Skateboarder / 0.40 Guys Do Trickshots At The Park / 0.43 Tricks At The Beach While Skimboarding / 0.50 Gymnastics On Bridge Over River / 0.56 Backflip In Duck Riding Costume / 1.04 Wakeboarder Makes Use Of Flooded Streets / 1.06 Jet Skier Lands First Ever Double Backflip / 1.08 Kid Hits Mid Air Archery Targer Over His Shoulder / 1.12 Taking Off Clothes While Backflipping / 1.17 Stunts In A Giant Moving Wheel / 1.30 Skateboarder Grinds Down Ledge / 1.33 Flip From Building To Building / 1.37 Exercises On Swegways / 1.46 Bowling Trick Shots / 1.50 Lightsaber Juggling / 1.52 Fastest Boxing Punches / 1.56 Building Roof Slip N Slide / 1.59 Guy Skateboards While On Trampoline / 2.03 Parkour Flip From Roof / 2.06 Jump Between Pool Chairs Dive / 2.09 9 Year Old Performs Triple Decade On Bmx /   Music: "Turn It Up" by The Midnight Beast.
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