People Are Awesome - Best Of 2015
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The most spectacular videos of 2015.  A compilation of ordinary people doing amazing things.

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Featuring: Russian Base Jump Swing: Sean Chuma / Weightlifter Holds Up 100lbs While Doing Chair Splits / Faceteam Invades Spain - Fiba Basketball World Cup Iberia Flyers / Boracay Skimboarding / The Coke Opening Ping Pong Trick Shot / Gainer Off Ponderosa Bridge / Biggest Bicycle Jump Into A Lake / Climbing The Invisible Spiral Staircase / Erfolg Kommt Dann, Wenn Du Tust, Was Du Liebst / Highest Flying Push-Up / Epic Parkour Jump / Blind Precision Jump  / High Five / Patrick Laughlin Pulls The First Bike To Bike Transfer / When Brazil Meets Us Football / Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos First Ever Darkslide Flip Surfing / Kuperkeikka! / Jeremiah Belledin Bossin Ollie Over 15 Decks / Found This Wave In My Laptop - Body Boarder 360  / Overshooting A Massive Kong? Parkour Ukemi / Hippie Jump In The Event: Dance With Me!  / Ndc Header Challenge / Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 5.000 (William Orrell) / Acrobatic Surfers Perform Various Poses Riding Single Wave / Michal Navratil - Jumped From Hotel Roof In St. Maarten  / Man Jumps Over Speeding Car / Kong To Underbar / Front Flip Of Flat / Tallinn Base Boogie / I Am Jenin / Softball Player Hits Crazy Home Run / Fear God / Freestyle Kayak Loop  / Arat, Two Year Old Gymnast / Over Your Gym Partner / Skilz - Alex Ryan Riding Belgian Steps At #Cxnats / Fifty Cones In Twelve Seconds.  / Flycaptain | Hoverboard / Vag Kav Whip Slow Motion Action / Impossible Front Flips Over 10 People!! - Pirlasv / Epic Gaza Parkour And Free Running / Jet Ski Flips - Aleksandar Petrovic / Dom Domari - Surfing In The Ocean  / Triple Kong Vault Outside / Behind The Back Ping Pong Shot! / Tiny Home Adventure   Music: "Verge" by Owl City & Aloe Blacc.
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