Paris 1902 to 2022 - Time Travel 120 Years in 5 Minutes
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Step into a mesmerizing voyage through the enchanting evolution of Paris, spanning over a century from 1902 to 2022, all compressed into an exhilarating 5-minute cinematic experience.

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00:00 - Embark on the journey aboard a riverboat on the Seine in 2022, setting the stage for your time-travel escapade. 00:24 - Immerse yourself in the Belle Époque era of 1902 at the Porte Dauphine entrance to Bois de Boulogne. Watch as long-skirted Parisians saunter by, and early automobiles whisk through the scene. Witness the magic of neural network-driven colorization in action. 00:50 - Transport to the charming streets of the Paris flea markets in 1922, where artists and traders converge. The vintage footage is revived with AI, ushering silent history into vibrant life. 01:18 - Visit the iconic Café de la Paix in 1927, as silent film star Pola Negri graces the scene. Enter Robinson Pavillon Lafontaine's treehouse bar and sense the nostalgia with AI-embellished soundscapes. 01:56 - Stand on the Champs Elysées in 1939, on the brink of World War II, then navigate to the post-war streets, where liberation and love intertwine. 02:57 - Experience the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) in 1962, catching the beatnik spirit and exploring iconic landmarks along the Seine's banks, including Notre-Dame and Les Halles. 03:33 - Find yourself in Luxembourg Gardens in 1971, indulge in beauty culture along Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and catch a glimpse of the legendary fashion houses of Christian Dior and Jacques Heim. 03:57 - Stroll along the Seine in 1984, witness fleeting moments of youth and vitality by a serene fountain. 04:17 - Arrive in modern-day Paris in 2022, where the Latin Quarter's charm endures, and historic landmarks weave the tapestry of time. Raise a metaphorical glass at Teddy's bar and revisit literary landmarks like Saint-Étienne-du-Mont and Shakespeare and Company. This captivating journey is achieved through the remarkable synergy of archival footage and cutting-edge AI neural networks. Each scene has been meticulously revitalized in 4K 60fps, breathing life into bygone eras. Embark on an immersive adventure that bridges the gap between past and present, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the heart of Paris across the ages.
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