Nicholas the Sweep - Sainsbury’s Christmas 2019
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The heartwarming story of a young boy called Nicholas, depicting a Dickensian London around the first ever Sainsbury’s store in 1869.

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John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury showcase their finest produce with an overflowing table of apples, eggs and bread.  But it's the sack of overflowing glowing clementines that catches the eyes of shoppers and a young group of chimney sweeps, including the star of the story, Nick the Sweep.  Unfortunately for the orphan, he is wrongly accused of stealing a clementine that’s fallen off the table.  Nick's evil workmaster convinces the surrounding crowd that he is a thief, and soon enough has him banished from the city.  Luckily for Nick, Mary Ann Sainsbury is watching the whole event, knowing the young boy has been set up.  We later see the orphan banished in the cold, when he is woken from his nightmares and rescued by Mary Ann who then gives him his very own sack of clementines.  Nick tells Mary Ann that he can’t pay for the gift, but Mary Ann smiles, saying: 'If you can’t do something special for someone at Christmas, then when can you?’  Before Nick rides off into the snowy sunset, he carries out one last act of kindness and secretly drops clementines into the socks of his chimney sweep friends.  Dressed in a red coat and putting his hat on, Nick walks away knowing he has brought a touch of Christmas magic to the local children.
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