Moving House Made Easy
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Just leave it to the movers - they'll take care of everything.

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The 0123 moving company in Japan whose motto is, ‘Fast, Polite and Considerate’ will clean your items before packing them into protective boxes. After delivering the items into your new home, the moving company unpacks all of your belongings and cleans them one final time. The entire move is done in less than one day and costs between 50,000 – 150,000 Yen [$535 - $1,600].    Note: Japan’s "Kaizen" mindset improves processes in just about every service offered.  Here the often laborious task of moving a residence has been transformed into a slickly executed operation.
Definition: Kaizen, Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management. Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese businesses after WWII, influenced in part by American business and quality management teachers who visited the country.
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