Movie Dance Compilation - 'Shut Up and Dance'
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The most memorable dance scenes from 88 different movies edited to the song 'Shut Up and Dance with Me' by Walk the Moon.

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Movies: 0:04 Silver Linings Playbook 0:06 Reality Bites 0:08 Something Borrowed 0:12 Love Actually 0:15 Charlie's Angels 0:17 Dirty Dancing 0:20 Big 0:23 Reservoir Dogs 0:25 American Beauty 0:27 Happy Feet 2 0:29 13 going on 30 0:31 Slumdog Millionaire 0:33 Save the Last Dance 0:37 Alice in Wonderland 0:40 Kick-Ass 0:42 Pulp Fiction 0:44 (500) Days of Summer 0:46 Flashdance 0:48 This Is the End 0:51 Grease 0:53 Intouchables (French movie) 0:57 Tangled 1:00 The Replacements 1:02 Pride (UK movie) 1:05 Blue Valentine 1:07 The Wolf of Wall Street 1:10 Grind 1:11 Ted 1:13 Beetlejuice 1:14 American Pie 1:16 Blast from the Past 1:17 King of New York 1:19 Clerks II 1:21 The Mask 1:23 Mamma Mia! 1:25 New Year's Eve 1:27 The Proposal 1:29 American Pie: The Wedding 1:30 Footloose 1:32 Magic Mike 1:34 Get Smart 1:36 West Side Story 1:38 Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1:39 Scary Movie 1:41 The 40 Year Old Virgin 1:44 Hitch 1:47 Risky Business 1:49 The Breakfast Club 1:53 Penguins of Madagascar 1:55 Mermaids 1:57 Nothing to Lose 2:01 Billy Elliot 2:04 Shall We Dance 2:06 Hairspray 2:08 Napoleon Dynamite 2:10 Puss in Boots 2:12 She's All That 2:14 The Heat 2:16 Rush Hour 2:19 West Side Story 2:21 A Night at the Roxbury 2:23 Burn after Reading 2:25 Step Up 2:27 Dirty Dancing 2:28 The Sound of Music 2:30 Silver Linings Playbook 2:32 The Ugly Truth 2:35 Scent of a Woman 2:38 Beauty and the Beast 2:40 Pretty in Pink 2:42 Grease 2:43 The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2:45 Along came Polly 2:47 White Nights 2:49 Cry Baby 2:51 Tropic Thunder 2:53 The Blues Brothers 2:55 Mary Poppins 2:57 Footloose (2011) 2:59 Friends with Benefits 3:00 The Sweetest Thing 3:02 Coyote Ugly 3:04 Saturday Night Fever 3:06 Center Stage 3:08 Rock of Ages 3:10 Little Miss Sunshine 3:12 Disaster Movie 3:14 Bring it on
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