Man Risks His Life to Save A Beached Shark
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Man pulls beached Great White Shark from a sand bank back into the ocean with his bare hands to save it's life.  Wow!

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The legendary great white shark is far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality.  As scientific research on these elusive predators increases, their image as mindless killing machines is beginning to fade.  Of the 100-plus annual shark attacks worldwide, fully one-third to one-half are attributable to great whites.  However, most of these are not fatal, and new research finds that great whites, who are naturally curious, are "sample biting" then releasing their victims rather than preying on humans.  Humans are not actually on the great white's menu.  Great whites are the largest predatory fish on Earth.  They grow to an average of 15 feet (4.6 meters) in length.  More at NatGeo.
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