Low Level Crocodile Inspection by Glider
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German sailplane champion and record holder Stefan Langer does a low level crocodile inspection by glider in South Africa.

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Gliding is a form of flight that involves unpowered aircraft.  Instead of using an engine, gliders (also known as sailplanes) use currents of rising air called thermals and other weather phenomena to stay airborne. Gliders can fly for hours and travel hundreds of kilometres without having to land.  A modern high-performance glider/sailplane can have a maximum speed as high as 180 mph (290 km/h).    Viewer comments:  "Any lower and it’s gonna be a low level glider inspection by crocodile…"   "As a powered fixed wing pilot, I still get blown away by glider videos and their capabilities."   "Almost no speed lost on water due to ground effect."   "That was incredible. I didnt know they could even get that low and climb back out."   "Going low and fast in a glider seems totally exhilarating!"   Do not try this at home!
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