Listen To Your Heart - The Emperor Penguin
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A beautiful short film about the majestic Emperor Penguin with the music of 'Listen To Your Heart' by Mike Rowland.

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Emperor Penguins are the largest of all penguins. An average emperor penguin is 45 inches (115 cm) tall.  Penguins live on the shores of Antarctica and also in the south of Australia, New Zealand, America & Africa.  The most northerly place that penguins live is on the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador in South America.  "I have the impression that to penguins, man is a different kind of penguin, unpredictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and admires Nature and leaves it as he found it." ~Aetopus/AC   A short film by Ruedi & Priska Abb??hl.   Music: "Listen To Your Heart" from the ALbum "My Elfin Friends" by Mike Rowland 
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