Leopard Tank Brake Test
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The Royal Netherlands Army testing the brakes on one of its Leopard tanks.

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The people in the video must have a lot of confidence in the driver and the vehicle's braking performance.  The Leopard has a top speed of 72 km/h (45 mph)
and an excellent hydraulic braking system!  But we are still skeptical on whether this footage is real or perhaps produced using green screen?
This is why the Flixxy editors think it is a fake (and why you shouldn't believe everything you see on video):
- When the guys on the far right step onto the grass (at 0:39 sec) there is no change in the level or angle of their feet.
- Only the jackets of the people on the far left and the far right are moving in the “wind” - probably generated by 2 wind machines in the "green screen" studio.
- So far no explanation has emerged as to who these guys are and why the stunt was done.
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