If Other Planets Were At The Same Distance As Our Moon
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What it would look like if other planets were at the same distance as our Moon.

Here is how it would look like at night:
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1. We would not be engulfed by Jupiter or any other planet. Jupiter's radius is 71,490 km and the distance to the Moon is 384,000km.
2. We would not be in the rings of Saturn.
3. Pluto and Mercury were left off because Pluto is smaller than our Moon and Mercury is not significantly larger than our Moon.
4. Orbiting: Yes, we would be a moon of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. They are much more massive than the Earth.
    Venus is about the same size of the Earth and we would orbit around a center point between us.
5. We would suffer from really really strong tides and very strong radiation from Jupiter.
6. The radius of the Sun is 695,500 km, and if it were where our Moon is, we would be engulfed by it.
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