How Broadway Beauties Kept In Shape In 1926
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How Broadway beauties keep in shape almost 100 years ago - restored, colorized and enhanced to 4K and 60 frames-per-second.

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The restored and colorized footage of Broadway beauties keeping in shape almost 100 years ago provides a fascinating glimpse into the past and offers insight into the evolving history of fitness and exercise.    Despite the many changes and advancements in society, the focus on maintaining a healthy and attractive body has remained a constant, and the footage provides insight into the evolution of fitness and exercise over time.    This speaks to the common threads that connect us across generations, regardless of the time and place in which we live.    Whether it's maintaining our physical health or dealing with emotions like love, fear, and joy, we all share a common experience that transcends time and technology.    It's a good reminder that times may change, but the desire for a healthy body will always remain.  So let's raise a glass of water to the Broadway beauties of yesteryear and all the fitness trends to come!    User comments:  "My grandparents condo gym literately had ALL of these contraptions and people were still using them as of 1985."    "The only things that change about humanity over time are: fashion, technology, and lingo. Otherwise same emotions. Same expressions. Same experiences."   
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