Homemade Matrix-Style ‘Bullet Time’ Visuals
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An array of 15 GoPros cameras create a Matrix-style 'Bullet-Time' effect.

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When The Matrix debuted in 1999, the stunning visuals – commonly referred to as ‘bullet time‘ special effects – blew the world away.  Since then, you've seen it used in movies, TV, and advertising.  Now it's in the realm of home video, as Marc Donahue of Permagrin Films shows us. He assembled a collection of GoPro cameras into a homemade array to do his own bullet time scenes. The shutter speeds aren’t perfectly synced, but that only results in even more interesting visuals. 
Filmed & Edited by Marc Donahue of Permagrin Films.  Music: "Brushstroke - An Elephant In The Delta Waves" by Dredg.
From Wikipedia: Bullet time (also known as frozen time, the big freeze, dead time, flow motion, or time slice) is a special and visual effect that refers to a digitally enhanced simulation of variable-speed (i.e. slow motion, time-lapse, etc.) photography used in films, broadcast advertisements, and video games. It is characterized both by its extreme transformation of time (slow enough to show normally imperceptible and unfilmable events, such as flying bullets) and space (by way of the ability of the camera angle—the audience's point-of-view—to move around the scene at a normal speed while events are slowed). This is almost impossible with conventional slow-motion, as the physical camera would have to move impossibly fast. The term "bullet time" is a registered trademark of Warner Bros.  Wiki
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