204 mph Golf Ball World Speed Record
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Sports Science shows Jason Zuback breaking the world's ball speed record at 204mph. The secret is called 'kinetic linking.'

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The kinetic chain is an engineering concept used to describe human movement.  It is used in a wide variety of clinical conditions, including musculoskeletal, sports medicine, neuro-rehabilitation as well as prosthetics and orthotics.  The concept was introduced by Franz Reuleaux, a mechanical engineer, in 1875.  He proposed that rigid, overlapping segments were connected via joints and this created a system whereby movement at one joint produced or affected movement at another joint in the kinetic link.  In 1995, Dr. Arthur Steindler adapted Reuleaux’s theory and included the analysis of human movement, sport-specific activity patterns and exercise.  He suggested that the extremities should rather be thought of as rigid, overlapping segments in series and he defined the kinetic chain as a “combination of several successively arranged joints constituting a complex motor unit.”
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