Funny Fashion Bird
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Adorable parrot uses magazine scraps to enhance her tail feathers.

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It's all about housekeeping.  The birds are tucking the paper away for safekeeping so they can use it later as material to build a nest.   Animal trainer and avian expert Barbara Heidenreich says: "They shred with precision and each strip is uniform in width with ragged edges.  The strips are usually as long as the piece of paper.  It is not uncommon for a female lovebird to look like she is wearing a paper skirt after a shredding session," Heidenreich says.  "Some lovebirds will take the paper back to a nesting cavity; however others won’t necessarily do anything with the paper after tucking it under the wings.   In many cases they simply fly away and the paper strips fall to the ground."  Others comment that it is typically the female birds who are skilled at the feather skirts, while the males just can't get the knack of it.
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