Formula 1 On Board Lap - Monaco Grand Prix
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An on-board-view of Formula 1 Grand Prix driver Sebastian Vettel's driving a lap in "pole position", with no one in front of him to limit his speed.

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An incredible minute and a half of pure speed and skill.   Watch him to take corners at speeds of over 150 km/h!   How is that possible?   It has to do with the design of a Formula 1 car, where the aerodynamic down-force increases with speed.   For example, a Formula 1 car might be able to take a corner at 50mph and 90mph, but not at 70mph. At 50mph the weight of the car and the grip of the tires is enough to get the car around, but you might have to go to 90mph before the aerodynamic down-force kicks in strong enough to make it around the corner.
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