Flying into History: Tom Scott Takes on the Skies in a Wright Brothers Replica
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Join Tom Scott on an exhilarating journey through time as he embarks on a daring flight in a replica of the iconic Wright Brothers' Model B from 1910.

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With only two original Model B aircraft remaining in museums, this meticulously crafted centennial replica offers a rare opportunity to experience the thrill of flying a plane designed over a century ago.  In this captivating video, Tom Scott takes us on an adventure near Dayton, Ohio, where he discovers the intricacies of this historic aircraft and takes it for an unforgettable spin.  Get ready to witness the fusion of old and new as modern technology meets vintage aviation in this extraordinary airborne escapade.  Watch the full video and prepare to be amazed by the sheer ingenuity and timeless legacy of the Wright Brothers' pioneering spirit.    The Wright Model B was an early pusher biplane designed by the Wright brothers in the United States in 1910.  It was the first of their designs to be built in quantity. Unlike the Model A, it featured a true elevator carried at the tail rather than at the front.  It was the last Wright model to have an open-frame tail.  Range: 110 miles  First flight: 1910  Unit cost: 5,000 USD (1911)  Number built: ca. 100
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