First Microwave-Powered Space Shuttle Under Development
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Escape Dynamics has successfully tested an engine for a reusable spaceplane that will be powered by beams of microwaves to launch into space.

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The removal of most of the on-board power systems allows for the craft to make it into space in one piece - without the need to jettison components like conventional rockets.  A ground-based array of microwave antennas will beam flight-sustaining power to the space plane.  The energy is converted into thrust in a heat exchanger which absorbs microwaves into heat and couples the energy into the flow of hydrogen propellant.  The heated hydrogen is exhausted through the nozzle creating thrust and accelerating the vehicle. 

Escape Dynamics Technology Development:  1) externally powered aerospace vehicles  2) efficient, reliable and safe wireless energy transfer   3) highly efficient high power microwave sources.   Systems the company produces include high power microwave sources (gyrotrons) with continuous output at power levels above 100kW and high-speed steerable antennas for millimeter-wave long distance wireless energy transfer.
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