"Fairytale" by Enya
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"Fairytale" from "Enya", Irish singer, pianist, and composer.

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From the debut solo album of Enya, which is also the soundtrack album of the 1986 BBC documentary series "The Celts".
Featuring 'Arwen' and 'Aragorn' from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".  Arwen Undómiel is one of the Half-elven who lived during the Third Age.  Aragorn II, son of Arathorn is one of the protagonists of The Lord of the Rings.  Aragorn was a Ranger of the North, first introduced with the name Strider at Bree, as the Hobbits continued to call him.  He was eventually discovered to be the heir of Isildur and rightful claimant to the thrones of Arnor and Gondor.  He was also a confidant of Gandalf and an integral part of the quest to destroy the One Ring and defeat the Dark Lord Sauron.
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