Epic 12K Dolby Vision Showcase: Global Wonders in Stunning HDR at 60fps
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Journey across the globe with our mesmerizing 12K Dolby Vision video! Featuring breathtaking landscapes from the serene Mountain Lake of Wilder Kaiser in Austria to the majestic Takamaka Waterfalls in Seychelles.

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Featuring: 0:08 Mountain Lake Of Wilder Kaiser (Tirol, Austria) 0:24 Takamaka Waterfalls (Seychelles) 0:34 Monte Pelmo (Dolomites, Italy) 1:52 Mount Hood (Oregon) 2:04 Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina) 2:42 Dolomites (Italy) 2:54 The White Cliffs of Iturup Island (Japan) 3:02 Lago delle Baste and Monte Pelmo (Italy) 3:33 Mount Hood (Oregon) 3:52 Trou de Fer waterfall (Reunion) 4:07 Takamaka Waterfalls (Seychelles) 4:27 Lofoten (Norway) 4:42 Cottbus (Germany) 5:32 Langevin Falls (Reunion) 6:24 Portonovi (Montenegro) 6:47 Wilder Kaiser (Tirol, Austria) 7:24 Bassin La Paix Waterfall (Reunion) 8:29 Astbergsee (Tirol, Austria) 9:08 Greenland 10:13 Capri (Italy) 10:42 Capri (Italy)

Immerse yourself in this cinematic journey with ultra HD 60fps resolution, complemented by Dolby Atmos music for a complete sensory experience. For the best viewing experience, watch this cinematic masterpiece on your 4K, 8K, or 12K TV, including models from Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, Philips, and Apple XDR. Elevate your viewing experience to the next level with this stunning HDR showcase!
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