Emily Robinson-Hardy's Unbelievable Card Trick Fools Penn and Teller
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Prepare to be amazed as British magician and mentalist Emily Robinson-Hardy fools Penn and Teller with her mind-boggling performance of 'The Holy Grail of Card Magic'!

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In a feat that left even the legendary duo fooled, Emily performs a 'Hands-off' Any Card at Any Number routine that defies belief. Without ever touching the cards and strictly adhering to the show's rules against using stooges or pre-show work, Emily invites a volunteer to freely choose a playing card and its position in the deck. The result? A jaw-dropping display of magic that had Penn and Teller scratching their heads in disbelief. Don't miss this unforgettable moment from Season 10, Episode 19: 'Magic is for the Birds', aired on April 19th, 2024. Witness the magic for yourself and join the ranks of those left utterly fooled by Emily Robinson-Hardy's extraordinary talent!
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