Dance Act UDI - Britain's Got Talent 2015 Semi-Final
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The Siberian dance troupe UDI dazzles the judges and the audience of Britain's Got Talent at the 2015 Semi-Final.

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“Dancing is our life. UDI is a big friendly family. In Siberia we run our own dance chool for underprivileged kids from orphanages to give children a sense of belonging. This is a great matter for us. Today means everything for us”     Here is what the judges had to say:
David: "It was truly spectacular and I hope people get on their phones and vote for you tonight. It was amazing."
Alesha: "I remember the first time we saw you, how impressed we all were. That was powerful from start to finish. What a spectacle. The choreography was fantastic."
Amanda: "We live in this age with masses of special effects, we all expect so much. What you do is so simple yet so effective, it makes us feel the same way. "
Simon: "Well it was magic. I don’t know how you did that. All you have is a black sheet behind you. You come across as nice and sincere guys. You are talented and you are welcome on the show. As you can tell, the audience really likes you. It’s about seeing something we have never seen before."

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