Civilization: Part I - Italy, Spain, France and England
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The rise of modern civilization, from ancient societies to the bustling and modern cities of today.  Part 1: Italy, Spain, France and England

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0:14 Ronda (Spain) 0:24 Almodovar Del Rio (Spain) 0:28 Montefrio (Spain) 0:31 Florence 0:35 Florence (Ponte Vecchio) 0:39 Cordoba (Spain) 0:43 Granada (Spain) 0:46 Rome (Colosseum) 0:50 Venice (Grand Canal) 0:55 Venice 0:58 Venice (Isola Di San Giorgio) 1:02 Manarola (Italy) 1:06 Riomaggiore, Italy 1:09 Florence 1:11 Nerja(Spain) 1:17 Paris 1:21 Paris (Notre Dame) 1:26 London (Tower Bridge) 1:26 London (Big Ben) 1:34 Vatican (Museum Staircase) 1:36 Paris (Champ de Mars & Eiffel Tower) 1:44 Paris 1:48 Paris (La Defense) 1:52 Paris (Trocadero) 1:55 Paris (Tour Montparnasse)  (Who can fill in the blanks?)   Video by Dominic Boudreault: "This first installment in this multi-part series is the beginning of a long-term project in which I want to capture the rise of modern civilization, from ancient societies to the bustling and modern cities of today.  Travelling to Europe made me realize how much the past is still present in our everyday lives. Our cultural institutions are the product of those who lived before us and of the societies they built.  The remnants of the past are still a significant part of the modern era.  In Civilization: Part I – Europe, I travelled to 14 cities in 4 countries filled with history who had major influences in shaping the world in which we live in: England, France, Italy and Spain.  In these locations you can see the remains of the vast Roman Empire, the intertwined Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures, the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment, the European emblem of parliamentary democracy as well as many UNESCO World Heritage sites.  It is also those same countries that would eventually embark on a journey to the New World and build the foundations of America.  Civilization will make you travel in the past, but also in the present, to show you the enormous steps mankind has made throughout history.  Hopefully it will give you awareness of our incredible cultural heritage." 
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 16-35 II and Canon 70-200 II lens. Music: "Am I Not Human" by Phoenix & Bergersen.
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