Caspian Sea Monster - Not A Plane, Not A Ship
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Step back in time and witness the mystery that baffled the American intelligence community in the 1960s: The Caspian Sea Monster!

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This enigmatic machine caught on satellite footage, soared like no other; not a plane, not a ship, but an extraordinary "ground effect vehicle."  Aptly named after its discovery location, the Caspian Monster, or Caspian Sea monster, is a marvel known to the world today.  Meet the incredible Ekranoplan, a groundbreaking aircraft that shatters all conventions.  Relying solely on the "ground effect," this beast defies gravity with unparalleled lift, boasting a mind-blowing world record of 1,000 tons!  Stretching over 330 feet (100 meters) in length, and weighing a staggering 540 tons when fully loaded, the Russian-built "KM" from the 1960s cruises at breathtaking speeds, soaring over the surface at 250 mph (400 km/h).  Join us on this riveting journey into the heart of the Republic of Dagestan, where the Ekranoplan's fascinating tale continues to inspire awe and amazement.  Discover the wonders of this one-of-a-kind aircraft that remains etched in history as an emblem of innovation and ingenuity.  Don't miss the chance to witness the extraordinary, as the Caspian Sea Monster reveals its mighty wings in all their ground-effect glory!
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