Card Shuffling - 52 Factorial
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Find out why the chances that a pack of cards has been shuffled in the same order twice in the history of the universe are infinitesimally small.

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Why?  The number of possible permutations of 52 cards is '52 factorial' otherwise known as 52! or 52 shriek.  This is 52 times 51 times 50 . . . all the way down to one.  Here is what that looks like: 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856 403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000.
If every star in our galaxy had a trillion planets, each with a trillion people living on them, and each of these people had a trillion packs of cards and somehow they manage to make unique shuffles 1,000 times per second, and they'd been doing that since the beginning of the universe, they'd only just now be starting to repeat shuffles.
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