Bobby McFerrin: The Power of the Pentatonic Scale
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Is there a base level of musical knowledge in all of us, just waiting to be tapped?

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Definition: A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave.
Do people instinctively know the sound patterns of the pentatonic scale? Or is the pentatonic scale simply so common in Western music that it has become ingrained in all of our minds?  Improvisational genius Bobby McFerrin uses audience participation to demonstrate the power of the pentatonic scale — or at least the audience’s familiarity with it.  What Bobby McFerrin does is not an act; it’s spontaneous invention.  He peers over the edge of the cliff, acknowledges the void below, and dives head first, buoyed by the element of surprise.  Bobby uses dense rhythms, extraordinary scales, and complicated intervals that accomplished musicians and educators have studied and dissected.
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