Seven Years of Amazement (2003-2010)
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A cool compilation of some of the best YouTube video clips from 2003 to 2010.

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The accomplishments over the last seven years are nothing less than amazing. This video is a tribute to all those who push their abilities to the limit.

Music: 'Sai-k-delic Party' by Juantitos. Credits (in order of appearance): JumpTeigen (Bispen Flybys) Flixxy -  James May + ASIMO QfPkHU -  Tom Lowe (Mountain Light)  -  University of Pennsylvania (Quadrotor Flight) MvRTAL  -  Guillaume Nery (Deans Blue Hole) uQITWb  -  PBS (Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air) Flixxy -  Boston Dynamics (PETMAN Prototype) 67CUud -  EngineeredArts (RoboThespian) iLjQZs  -  NNSANews (Cooling Tower Demolition) PjPdEw  -  funfunfunfunfunfive (A Space Suit Ahead of Its Time) KhB9uW  -  ALMA Observatory (First move of antenna) HSZhLb  -  NASA (Westar VI trapping) VR6jlW  -  National Geographic (Frog Jumps Caught in Slow-Motion) yKpJEl  -  HIPPO (Research Flight 03) _4hPdV  -  DLR (Human-Robot Collision Study) R5Gx8j  -  NovacaineFix (Swimming Pool Earthquake) H3Owzi  -  University of Alaska Fairbanks (Arctic methane) YegdEO  -  TED Talks TED  -  Odissey (Kim Peek) JUgdiL  -  Arkive (Last Tasmanian Tiger, 1933) 6vqCCI  -  Flyinglineman (Lineman bonding to helicopter) _cx-eO  -  Wainwrightlab (Suction feeding by Petenia splendida) TbGILi -    -  Richard Wiseman, Qurikology (Top 10 quirky science tricks) i_f3Sk  -  NASA (VTOL flights)  -  Wired (Toucan Bill Regulates Body Temperature) zCH_1I -  Odissey (Caltech Fly Tests) VHs-Pw -  National Geographioc (Volcano Lava) xExdEX -  Kowch737 (Gemini Observatory) 7H3EQG -  FirstAscent (The end of the Rainbow) FfEGWx -  Les Chavaliers du Ciel Flixxy -  Geoff Mackley (Most incredible volcano footage ever) IAxj2o  -  NASA (Beautiful timelapse from the ISS) GJIIYz  -  BBC (The Cave of Swallows) Flixxy  -  Luis Caldevilla (Storm in Madrid)  -  NASA (Joseph Kittinger jump) Flixxy

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