"Best Air Race Pilot Ever"
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AirRace plane loses wing, watch what happens next!

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Spoiler:  This video has been circulating widely on the internet as fact.  Actually, it is complete fiction.  At first the aircraft looks real and the wing separation seems authentic.  If you listen closely, you'll hear that the engine sounds are not properly synchronized, the radio chatter seems out of place and the people are definitely over-acting.  What really gives it away is the landing - there is no way an airplane with one wing missing could straighten itself out to level flight to do a perfect touch-down.  But for its intended purpose, KillaThrill got a great viral advertising campaign! 

Is it possible to land an airplane with only one wing?  Yes, if the plane has a high enough thrust to weight ratio, i.e. an aerobatic R/C plane or a fighter jet.  Here are videos of a world class R/C pilot landing his plane after one wing fell off and another of a F-15 losing its wing and making a safe landing.
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