Around The World In A Ferrari In 1m50s
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Five different Ferrari Formula One cars (from 1952 to 2003) take to the streets of Rome, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Monaco.

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'Circuit' is a stunning display of Ferrari race cars over the decades.  All filmed using professional drivers on closed roads.
Film Transcript: At first we see a beautiful red 1952 Ferrari F500 roaring down a spectacular looking tree lined road in Italy. We witness the driver demonstrating his mastery of this fabulous machine as we approach and then enter Rome before passing by the Coliseum. We now see the car take a sharp left hander. We cut and as we pick up the front of the car we notice two things have changed. Firstly the car is now a 1967 Ferrari 312 and secondly we're in New York. We now witness this beautiful car sweeping through Times Square and Park Avenue. The scene then moves to the car travelling along a deserted and wet coastal road. When we pick up the front of the car, we discover we are now moving through the streets of Hong Kong and we're on board a staggeringly attractive 1970, Ferrari F312B. The car now enters a tunnel and when we cut back to the car it has become a 1997 Ferrari F310B and it's moving rapidly along the road flanking Ipanema beach in Rio. In the background we see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the Corcovado mountain. The noise of the car stops people in their tracks. As we cut back to the car we see it has delivered us into the Principality of Monaco and the car has become a 2003 Ferrari F2003GA. We see the car enter the Principality before driving through it and out of it into the surrounding countryside. Before long we cut to a drivers eye view as we approach a Shell petrol station in Italy now in a 2006 F1 Ferrari which pulls up to refuel, much to the surprise of the attendant who refuels the scarlet rocket with Shell V-Power. We now see the same car pull out from the gas station and disappear in a screaming red blur. Very soon we see it sweep past the Coliseum once more.
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