Amazing Photoshop Transformation In Music Video
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Watch the singer being transformed in real time using common Photoshop techniques and enjoy listening to a great song at the same time.

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Have you ever wondered why actors and celebrities in movies and music videos often look too good to be true.  Now you know why.  So don't feel too bad when you look intio the mirror in the morning and you don't look like a movie star.   Music: "Nouveau Parfum" by Boggie   Translated Lyrics: Hundreds of perfumes, dreams of flowers / Sweet, bitter, mellifluous forgetting / Rose and nerium in a thin little bottle, oh it numbs me / Myrrh and almond locked up in a small place, syringas, violas, secret little vials / Testing them in droplets, in sprays, it dazes me so / Now i'm throwing all of them out / I'm throwing my misshapen mirror away / I'm forming wings of my coat / Breath freely / Wind makes me fly, sun warms me up / Sometimes you cry out of wounded clouds / Whenever autumn is on fire, you make new dreams / In my heart sweetly, smokily, dizzyingly / Flies the smell of life / Magic of perfume, world of petals / Glowing of our desires, gliding of silks / Spice of the East, its silly little tale dazes me so. Link
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