Adventures in the Sky: Thrilling Flights of a Homemade Bee Plane in Russia
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Witness the awe-inspiring flight of the Bee plane, a true testament to human ingenuity and courage.

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Join us as we witness the incredible flight of the Bee plane, masterfully piloted by the skilled and fearless Alexey Dobryakov.  Watch in awe as the aircraft, weighing a mere 65 kg and powered by an RMZ-250 Suzuki 39 horsepower motorbike engine, takes off from a simple road adjacent to a dense forest.  If you're captivated by this remarkable aircraft, you'll be pleased to know that orders are accepted, and you can acquire drawings and kits for your very own Bee plane adventure.  Contact Alexey at tel: +79198489431 for more information.  Prepare to be amazed by the pilot's expertise as he navigates unconventional runways with grace and confidence.  Are you curious about the landing on this unique "runway"?  The pilot assures us that it's a breeze, considering the absence of alternate landing sites nearby.  Dive into the world of daring aviation and witness the audacious spirit of flight with the Bee plane - an experience you won't want to miss!
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