1984 Super Bowl Apple Macintosh Ad by Ridley Scott - 4K Restoration
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Immerse yourself in the iconic "1984" Super Bowl Apple Macintosh ad, directed by Ridley Scott, - restored in breathtaking 4K quality.

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The ad references George Orwell's 1949 novel 1984, which describes a dystopian future controlled by a televised "Big Brother". The ad's message was that Macintosh would revolutionize computing and that the future of technology would bring freedom, rather than control. Starring Anya Major and David Graham, this classic ad, conceived by visionaries Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas, and Lee Clow, took the world by storm during Superbowl XVIII. In 2023, its relevance has only deepened, drawing parallels to the dystopian themes of George Orwell's novel. Watch the restored version, which bring this timeless piece of advertising history into the modern age. Experience the past and present colliding in a visually stunning journey.
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